Our philosophy

Our philosophy

We want to be a tour company based in Zimbabwe and run by people who live there. We want to give Zimbabwean tour guides a perspective in their country. We believe that the Zimbabwe experience can be authentic from the first minute to the last when accompanied by people who can introduce their own country. And we want to support companies which are based in Zimbabwe.

At the same time there is also a German part in our company. Heidi translates from German into English where it's necessary and devotes herself to the guests as a contact person before and during the trip in their language. She is the link between the wishes and needs of the guests and the offers from Zimbabwe. So that you can enjoy every minute of the trip.

Part of our philosophy is that our guests can immerse themselves in the country they are traveling to. We have deliberately chosen the bus as the means of travel, because this is the only way you can perceive what is happening in the destination. We explore Zimbabwe on the road, we see the school children walking on the roadside, sometimes many kilometers. We see the small donkey carts with the water canisters and learn that a large part of the rural population has to supply themselves with water this way. We sometimes stop at the roadside to buy fruits or vegetables and see how the women or children are happy about the dollar bills. This is often the only way to pay for school fees or other important things.

We also take care of our environment and avoid plastic bags, for example. Therefore, we ask our guests to bring shopping bags from Germany and then leave them in Zimbabwe and give them away here.

We also consciously travel to the Binga region, probably the poorest region in Zimbabwe. We also want to give the people there the opportunity to show you their goods and hope that you will take some beautiful souvenirs from there.

We do not only see Zimbabwe as a diverse and beautiful travel destination. We also have in mind the local people who are friendly, curious and interested, but who have been left behind by tourism and two years of Corona pandemic has worsened their situation in every way.

When we drove the itinerary for the last time in the spring of 2022, we were greeted in some places with the words, "You are the first guests in our area for 2 years." This made us very sad and thoughtful.

We would like you to join us on a journey to an unknown country and when you go home again, we wish that you will tell about Zimbabwe, make your friends curious and thus help to turn Zimbabwe into a known and loved country again.

For this we thank you already today!

Heidi & Alington

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